TEDYouth, in pictures: What happens when 400 middle + high school students come to TED

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TEDYouth 2013 was a blast. In session 1, Suzanne Simard taught us about the familial relationships of trees. In session 2, Maya Penn shared how she launched a business at 8 years old. And in session 3, Ashton Kutcher thrilled the crowd with a surprise talk on what it means to be a „magnificent failure.“ Throughout it all, the 400 middle and high school students in attendance clapped, cheered, absorbed knowledge and shared a lot of their own.

Here, some incredible photos from TEDYouth. Half of them were taken by TED photographer Ryan Lash, while the other half were snapped by an intrepid group of youth volunteers, who brought a wonderfully unique eye to documenting the event.

A big thanks to the young photographers who helped out with this post!

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